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JavaScript Patterns by Stoyan Stefanov

noviembre 3, 2010 13 comentarios

JavaScript Patterns by Stoyan Stefanov

This book is really awesome, from the beginning to the end, the author shows useful tools to improve the javascript programming.

With more than 30 patterns the author goes from basic concepts, such as avoiding globals, using single var declarations, precaching length in loops, following coding conventions, running JSLint, etc., to advanced ones like variable hoisting, select algorithms at runtime, proxy objects, loading strategies, javascript optimization and a lot of more.

What I liked about the book was the way in which the author explains and illustrates the patterns and how well organized the book is written, this book helped me to understand in a better way some javascript techniques with several solutions to a common scenarios.

I recommend this book if you want to write better code, if you want to understand how the libraries are written or if you want to write your own javascript library. It helps a lot to understand the javascript core and the fundamentals and helps also to be more productive taking care of performance and maintenance of javascript code.

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